Professional Consultations

Drs. Willson and Yablick work with attorneys or the courts in Civil and Probate matters, as consultants or as expert witnesses for both plaintiffs and defendants. In probate matters they consult on issues such as vulnerability and susceptibility to undue influence, as well as conducting capacity evaluations of personal, financial, contractual, or testamentary decision-making. They are available to assist mediators in probate-related ADR, and can offer guidance to Guardians or family with placement, driving, rehabilitation, and caregiving decisions. They also conduct retrospective capacity / vulnerability assessments based on comprehensive records review and interviews with relevant sources.

Other areas of forensic interest include evaluating possible cognitive or emotional damage in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Neither Dr. Willson nor Dr. Yablick do criminal forensic work.

They also conduct Independent Neuropsychological Evaluations of disability status and fitness-to-work for major insurance carriers. They focus on disability claims due to neuro-cognitive complaints related to illness, mild TBI, possible dementia, substance abuse, and also cases involving spinal cord injury, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, adult-onset PTSD, or chronic pain.